Faith over Fear

There’s a lot of fear and anxiety these days. If you pay attention to the headlines, then you know there’s so many reasons to be afraid and anxious. It seems the media is all about keeping you afraid so you will stay tuned in.

But I learned a long time ago one little secret that helps when the phobias get to be too much — God is bigger than anything I will ever face. Yahweh is stronger than anything that I will ever be afraid of. Even demons have to submit and flee when God draws near.

I also know that sometimes anxiety isn’t a matter of a lack of faith. Sometimes, it’s a matter of a chemical imbalance or a disconnect in the wiring of your mind. Sometimes, you can’t pray it away. God also works through doctors and psychiatrists and medications.

Ultimately, God will overcome all these fears. One day, there will be no more anxiety or fear. There will be no more need for Xanax or Zoloft. One day we will see with our eyes what we hold onto in hope and our faith will be made sight.

Until then, we trust. And pray. And wait with hope.

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