Happy 4,002nd Post!

I had plans for my 4,000 blog post, but that occasion snuck by me when I wasn’t paying attention. So, here’s the 4,002nd post! Congratulations all round!

I really have found that in God’s economy, things have a way of working out the way they’re supposed to. In my experience, they rarely work out like I planned or envisioned, but then again, my foreknowledge and understanding are quite limited. I can’t claim to be in all places and in all times or to have all knowledge. Only God fits that bill.

When I started writing these posts almost 11 years ago, I really had no plan. It was (and still is) a surprise from day to day what will end up in print. I do very little editing or correcting (beyond the occasional spelling or grammatical error) and i usually write as I go.

Sometimes, I get stuck. Some days, I don’t have much in the way of creative juices flowing. Some days, I start to write and I’m as astonished as anyone else at what comes out.

If I had an overall theme, it would be the unwieldy and incomprehensible grace of God that defies all logic and understanding, that reaches into the darkest and foulest places of human hearts and brings light and hope where there was none. It is the grace alone that can redeem and save and transform even the most lost of causes and people.

If I’m honest, I’d love to have millions of readers who gush over me and praise my writing. Still, I’m very grateful for every single person who reads these posts, whether it be 100 or 10 or just dear old Mom. I’m thankful that I have an outlet to ramble and rant and get all my random and various thoughts out there. It’s been a very crazy and fun ride. And there’s more to come.

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