Jeep Strong

My Jeep hit yet another milestone. 385,000 miles and counting. The old Jeep may look a little worn, but she’s still going strong. Jeep strong.

One of these days, I’m going to have to say goodbye to this little vehicle. She won’t run forever. It pains my heart a little to even think of replacing her, but one day I won’t have a choice. Also, the way the prices for used cars are escalating, I get a little bit of anxiety over the thought of looking for another car.

But I’ve found that God has provided me with the car I need (and not necessarily the one I wanted at the time) when I needed it, and not one moment sooner or one moment later. He arranged the people and circumstances in such a way that I never would have predicted nor would I have orchestrated the events if it were up to me. Yet each time I found that God’s ways were far, far better than mine.

Given the choice between fear and faith, anxiety and adoration, I choose faith and adoration. I choose God’s ways, even when I can’t understand them or even see them yet. I choose God, even when He seems absent and silent. I choose to keep trusting what I know to be true over what I fear and what I feel.

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