So I did a dumb thing today. Well, actually it was more of an absent-minded oversight kind of thing. I went to Franklin in expectations of the fun and frivolity that comes with the Main Street Festival. As it turns out, that festival starts tomorrow. I had the right place, but I was about 16 hours early. Oops.

Still, I had a good night. It wasn’t as crowded as it would have been during the Main Street Festival. I didn’t have to park a mile away and walk. Plus, there was a cool breeze with just the tiniest hint of fall in it. And the rain held off until I was driving home.

So if me getting my dates wrong is the worst thing that happened to me today, I’m doing alright. The fact that I’m still alive and kicking means something. Well, not literally kicking. At my age, I could probably throw my back out or something. But alive and breathing is doable.

I suppose the next time a festival rolls around, I will pay more attention to the actual days and dates. That way, I show up on the day of the actual event and can partake. That seems like a good plan to me.

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