Only Jesus

“What God is doing in the coronavirus is showing us—graphically, painfully—that nothing in this world gives the security and satisfaction that we find in the infinite greatness and worth of Jesus. This global pandemic takes away our freedom of movement, our business activity, and our face-to-face relations. It takes away our security and our comfort. And, in the end, it may take away our lives. The reason God exposes us to such losses is to rouse us to rely on Christ. Or to put it another way, the reason he makes calamity the occasion for offering Christ to the world is that the supreme, all-satisfying greatness of Christ shines more brightly when Christ sustains joy in suffering.” (John Piper, 82)

2020 was a dumpster fire. I think just about everyone agrees that it was not a year any of us want to relive any time soon.

But I think it made us painfully aware of our dependence on and desperate need of God for every waking moment. When all the props and crutches got kicked away, we found out the hard way where our hope really was. For most of us, our idols got exposed big time.

Yet God is faithful and patient, not treating us and our idolatry as we deserve, but granting us mercy upon mercy. May Jesus become supreme in our vision in the days, weeks, months, and years to come.

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