Never an Excuse

I remember a pastor I knew once said that Jesus never gives us an excuse for disobedience. We are called to love our enemies. Period. We are called to forgive those who hurt us. Period. Note: forgiveness does not mean we disregard the hurt or allow the other to continue to hurt us.

In matters of debate, we are always to speak the truth, but always in love. We are called to seek peace, but never at the expense of compromising our core beliefs. We are called to love people, but not by enabling them in their sin. As I read recently, Jesus hung out with prostitutes and drunkards and outcasts, but when He was finished with them, they weren’t prostitutes and drunkards and outcasts anymore. He had transformed them, not indulged them. He calls His people to surrender, not comfort. He calls us to align ourselves to His standards, not the other way around.

But it’s always in love.

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