A Legacy of Hope and Faith

I had a dream a few nights ago that has stayed with me. In my dream, my Uncle Bob and my cousin Timothy visited me and brought me gifts. I don’t remember what the occasion was or what the gifts were. I do remember that I was awed by the gifts. It did my heart good.

I do know that my Uncle Bob’s gift to me that I still carry with me is a love of music. When I listen to certain artists like the Grateful Dead or hear old-school jazz, I think of him. Whenever I see one of the old Ford Broncos, I also think of him pulling in the driveway for one of our family Thanksgiving or Christmas meals. I still miss them both and regret that I didn’t appreciate them more while they were alive.

If you have a family, the one gift that you can give your children is a legacy of hope and faith. They will gravitate toward faith in Jesus if they see it lived out in your life. It takes more than regular church attendance and paying lip service to God. It takes you bringing Jesus into every area of your life every day of the week and making all your words and actions into acts of worship.

While you can’t pass down your faith as an inheritance, you can pass down a lifetime of teaching them to observe all that Jesus said and did. God doesn’t have any grandchildren, as the old saying goes, and all your children must come into their own faith in Jesus, but nothing will help them along the way than seeing your faith taught and walked in front of them every day of their lives.

Even if you’re not married or if you’re married and don’t have children, you can still leave a legacy of faith to those in your sphere of influence — your relatives, your neighbors, your co-workers, and so on. You never really know who’s watching you and deciding if God is real based on how you live out your faith. But if you trust God and live a prayerful and faithful life, God will honor the results.

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