God’s Business

Tonight, I took a stroll down one of my favorite streets in Middle Tennessee, Fair Street. Just about all the houses look like cottages out of a George MacDonald fairy tale. I could see myself living in any one of them.

One in particular caught my eye. It had a sign that noted that it was in the process of restoration. In my own vivid imagination, I could see it one day looking like it used to look back when it was brand new in the early 1900s and life was much different than it is now.

I think my dream job would be to be a part of taking an old movie where the film elements were nearly beyond saving and removing the years of decay and dirt and scratches to reveal the art underneath. My favorite part of watching an old movie is seeing the before and after of the restoration process.

I believe that God’s primary business is also restoration. He takes broken lives and hearts. He rescues souls tarnished and decaying almost beyond saving and restores them to His original image. What seems like the daily humdrum of monotony is really God at work, chipping away the rough edges and slowing removing all the years of debris and dirt and decay.

It may not look much on a day to day basis, but one day you will look back and see how you used to look and think and feel and act all those years ago compared to who you are now. You will see the transformation in your own life and in the lives of all those whom God has been working on all this time.

God’s business is making all things new. God’s business is making you new again.

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