Waiting the Right Way

In my church, we’ve been going through the book of Ruth for the last three weeks. It’s been fascinating to see how God orchestrated a Jewish widow and a Moabite woman to bring about His purposes in bringing the Messiah into the world. But it didn’t happen overnight.

There was quite a bit of time involved, as well as a lot of waiting. For me, I’m not a fan of waiting. I’d rather get what I want sooner than later. But sometimes I wonder if I’m doing it wrong.

There’s a difference between waiting passively and waiting proactively.

Waiting passively is like hoping to get a date for Saturday night by sitting next to the phone and hoping it will randomly ring. Waiting proactively is like going out there and meeting people and making friendships and putting yourself out there.

Ruth waited proactively by being faithful in what she knew to do. She served Naomi, her mother-in-law, and provided for them. She sought out Naomi for her wisdom and guidance and put into practice what she learned.

Waiting on God does not mean doing nothing while you wait for God to provide. It means you make yourself ready to receive what God will give you when the time comes. It means you develop a character that can handle what you ask from God.

Lord, help us all to wait the right way, trusting in Your timing and provision in every circumstance, knowing that You above all know what we truly need and when we truly need it. May we never forget that You alone are what can truly satisfy our hearts’ deepest longings and desires. Amen.

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