Peanut’s Idea of a Good Time

In case you’re wondering how to relax and have a good time, I give you an expert in the subject, my cat Peanut. She has developed a system that seems to work for her quite well. Here it is:

  1. Find a comfortable spot. If there are humans occupying your spot, wait. They will move eventually, either to do stuff or to go pee or to go to bed. Then move into the spot of your choice.
  2. Make yourself at home in said spot. Stretch a lot. Yawn hugely. Groom yourself. Do whatever it takes to find your center of calm and to make yourself as sleepy as possible.
  3. Fall asleep. If you’re a feline, this is second nature. If not, it might take a bit of practice to get used to falling asleep on a whim.
  4. Stay asleep for several hours. You can always roam around for a bit and come back to your spot. You can even have your five minutes of manic activity involving running around the house for no good reason, then come back to your spot and resume your hybernation.

Congratulations! You have now achieved the feline level of zen. You now know how to party like a cat, which means to lay low and take naps. You can be at peace and rest while everyone else is running around like crazy. Enjoy.

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