Seasons in Tennesee

Lately, it’s been difficult to discern what season we’re in because of all the crazy fluctuating temperatures and weather. In the past few weeks, we’ve gone from the 70s to the 20s, from thunderstorms to sunny. That actually sounds like my old Zune playlist from back in the day.

It’s hard to know how to dress appropriately when it feels like the dead of winter in the morning and almost summer by the afternoon. Do you wear a jacket that you will leave at the office because by the time you leave, you don’t need it anymore? Or do you just suffer through scraping off the ice from your windshield in short sleeves, hoping the heater in your car will thaw your frozen fingers? The struggle is real.

I have a love-hate relationship with spring. I love the warmer temperatures. I don’t love all the pollen. I really like having more daylight. I really don’t like all the rain and storms that come from all the times when cold fronts meet warm fronts. I still can’t get over how I’ve gone from using the heater in my car to using my A/C in the same day.

But summer will be here before long. I like summer — for about two weeks. Then I’m over the stupid hot humidity. I’m done with sweat-pocalypse. I’m not a fan of extreme hot or cold, which is why I prefer fall and spring over summer and winter.

If I could have my way, the year would start off in October and go through the end of December. Then we’d go back to October again and repeat the cycle. That’s my favorite part of the year anyway. But then again, I’d also like to eat chocolate and peanut butter all day every day and not get fat. So maybe I’m not the best judge about what’s good or not.

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