Thank You, Chris Brooks

I know you’re not actually leaving Kairos for another three or so weeks, but I wanted to express my gratitude before then. I wanted to say thank you for leading Kairos so well for these past five years.

I honestly didn’t think anyone could take Mike Glenn’s place after he announced he was stepping down from the role of Kairos pastor. I didn’t really believe he would ever leave Kairos until he actually did and passed the mantle to you.

I didn’t like your long beard at first, but it grew on me [required bad dad joke]. I wasn’t sure what to make of you at first, but you grew on me.

I really like how you brought back a sense of liturgy to the worship. I love how honest and real you were, making it feel like it was okay to own my brokenness and still know that God loves me as I am and not as I should be. I love your passion and commitment to honoring and teaching God’s word, not shying away from the hard parts.

I’ve come to the place where I can’t imagine a Kairos without you. Still, I know that God already has someone picked out who will both honor the legacy of Kairos while leading it into a brave new future. I also know God will lead you into a place that is both terrifying and beautiful where God will continue to bless and touch lives through you.

I’m already praying God’s anointing and protection over you. I’m praying wisdom and discernment over you. I’m praying for a perfect love that will cast out all fear from you. I’m praying for blessing for both you and Audrey and your children that you will continue to grow in grace and truth as you grow closer to Jesus and to each other.

Thank you for your faithfulness for five years. We who have come to know you and to sit under your teaching and to share your heart for God will rise up and call you blessed for how you have blessed us all.

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