Classic Christian Rock Radio

I discovered something recently that potentially could change my world for the better. Or just make it more enjoyable and fun.

I discovered an online radio station that plays classic Christian rock music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. It’s like my own personal Delorean revved up to 88 miles per hour and taking me back in time

Hearing some of the old classics brings back a lot of memories. There’s also a lot that I either didn’t remember or had apparently never heard the first time around.

The best part is that they’re not like most current radio stations that have a playlist of 20 songs that endlessly repeat day after day. I may be getting old, but I think the music really was better back in the day.

As usual, I’ve provided a link if you want to check it out for yourselves. You don’t have to be a geezer to appreciate these tunes. You just have to love great music.

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