RIP to My Childhood

I just found out that Carman Licciardello passed away today at age 65 from complications from a surgery for a hiatal hernia. I’m feeling a bit in shock at the moment. It’s like a part of my childhood went with him.

Was his music cheesy? Yes. Was it overblown and completely over the top? Absolutely. Is is an integral part of my life as a child and a youth? Without a doubt.

Even today, after all these years, I could still recognize several of his songs. Especially ones like The Champion, America Again, Witch’s Invitation, and Addicted to Jesus.

I wonder what it’s like for Him right now. I’m sure he’s seeing for the first time with his own actual eyes what he saw for so long with eyes of faith. What he hoped for and trusted in for all those years is now reality for him. He sang faithfully about Jesus, and now He sees Jesus face to face.

I may just have to pull out the old CDs and rock a little bit of Carman at some point tonight in his memory. Rest in peace, Carman. You were a good soldier in the fight of faith. May you hear the words “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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