Winterpocalypse 2021

I thought about calling it Snowmageddon, but at this point, it’s been almost all freezing rain and sleet with very little actual snow. It looks like snow, but it’s much more treacherous to walk on or drive on. Thus, I’m staying indoors.

All the Northern folks are probably pointing fingers and laughing at all us poor and pathetic Southerners who don’t know how to handle a little bit of snow and ice. They forget that while this is a daily thing in the winter up North, it’s more like a once in a decade or so event for the South (or at least Middle Tennessee). We’re more used to the scorching summers with 110% humidity for weeks and weeks on end.

I myself am more middle of the road when it comes to weather. I like me some spring and fall. I tend to like summer and winter for about two weeks until the extreme temps have me pining for the next season.

Still, there’s something peaceful about a snowy landscape. Plus, it almost seems to glow on a night when the clouds hide the moon and stars. I think it helps me to sleep better.

I’m thankful for all four seasons. Each has its place in the natural cycle. Winter is a time of rest and restoration for the upcoming spring and summer. It’s a good reminder for all of us that we all need times of rest and refreshing in the midst of hectic schedules. There’s a reason why God made six days for work and play and one day for a Sabbath rest.

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