My Dream Room

Recently, I started following a page on Facebook called My Log Cabin. It has pictures of rustic-looking . . . wait for it . . . log cabins. Just about everyone of them look very homey and inviting. I could picture myself living in any one of them.

I don’t know if I have any particular “dream home” down pat. But the room in this picture definitely qualifies as my dream room. I could see myself sitting in one of the chairs or on the couch, reading a good book by a crackling fire. I suppose the TV in the corner is nice, but I could almost do without it. And I’m not overly crazy about the deer heads on the wall.

My only other change would be to throw in a rocking chair somewhere in the room. Sometimes, you just need to rock and think. But I think other than those little details everything is just about perfect for a long winter’s night.

As usual, I accept all forms of credit card and cash donations for my dream room/dream house . . . in my dreams. But maybe just maybe I’ll get lucky and dream about this room tonight.

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