My New Favorite Pasttime

Maybe it’s because I’m tired or maybe it’s because I’m old. Maybe it’s both.

All I know is that these days what I look forward to on the weekends is sleeping in on Saturday. Nothing brings me more joy than when I open my eyes at 5 am, I can simply close them again and roll back over for more sleep.

It’s not glamorous or exciting. It’s not one of the traits of the super successful and super influential. But hey, I’m just being honest.

It’s especially enjoyable to sleep in when it’s cold and rainy outside. Not having to venture out into the freezing wet cold is always a plus in my book. Yes, I know my trusty old car keeps me warm and dry, but I have to go from the door to my house to my car, and that’s where the cold wetness is.

I heard once that you should follow your dreams. That’s why I’m choosing to go back to bed.

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