Surrendering Again

“There is no fear in love, so we draw near;
Thy perfect love, O Lord, has cast out fear.

As wheat before the wind bends all one way,
So would we bow before Thy wind today….

Our several choices, Lord, we would forgo;
Breath of the living God, O great Wind, blow”

(Amy Carmichael, “All One Way”, Toward Jerusalem).

Sometimes it’s a great feeling to let go. As in letting go of the need to constantly police everybody else and how they conduct their lives and their beliefs. As in letting go of the constant anxiety that comes from me trying to figure everything out right now.

God never meant for me to carry all that weight. He never meant for me to live in fear. He never meant for me to feel like it all depended on me to fix everything.

He said one word. Surrender.

He said that I don’t even need to worry about my own life. My times are in His hands and He knows every detail, even down to the number of hairs on my head. He cares for me more than those sparrows and those lilies, which are there to show us how glorious it can be to let go and just simply be.

Surrender doesn’t come natural to anyone. It’s a daily, hourly thing. Sometimes, it’s a moment to moment thing. But a beautiful thing happens once you’re finally able to take that hesitant first step and let go.

You find that God is able. In every area where you were not able, He is. In every situation where you were inadequate, He’s able. In every pandemic that you’re not able to fix, He’s able.

He’s able.

Just surrender.

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