How Long? A Lament

This is my first attempt at a lament, so keep that in mind as you proceed. I think a lament is a type of worship that involves crying out to God over a situation or circumstance, like many of the Psalms and the book of Lamentations. At some point, the lament turns to praise. Usually, the key word is steadfast love or lovingkindness (or Hesed in the Hebrew).

O Lord, how long?

How long must your people suffer under this pandemic?

How many people must get sick and how many people die before you turn away this COVID?

Lord, you know there is so much unrest in the world. It seems that those who scoff at your name are the ones who prosper and so many of Your children are the ones who suffer.

O Lord, how long?

Will you only look and not act? Will you not hear the cries of Your servants who plead with you night and day?

But I know Your steadfast love remains.

I know that what I see and understand is so limited. I know that I see but in part, but You know the whole. In Your plan, even coronavirus can be a means for You to turn evil into good.

I and all Your people wait for You with hope. We know you will not fail. We know that Your purposes will prevail. We know You have already overcome all that makes us afraid and anxious.

We know that our present sufferings are not even worth comparing to the glory that’s coming that will be revealed in and through Your people.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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