If Jesus Had a Facebook Page

“If Jesus had a Facebook page… I think he probably wouldn’t weigh in much on the ‘issue of the day’. This is based on what I read in the Gospels. Just a guess.

Oh, it’s not that he didn’t care about the Big Issues. It’s that he’s the Great Physician, and injustices like the Roman occupation or even racism are just symptoms. The sickness goes deeper.

We want him to force medicine down the throats of our opponents. He’s telling us to lie down… so he can give us a heart transplant.

But it takes humility to lie on the table. Even then, I suppose most of us would likely drift to pre-surgery sleep while yet mumbling.

(‘Yeah, but it’s somebody else’s fault, you know… and what about those people… did you see… what they… did….’) Mercifully, the Healer lovingly watches us close our eyes, and he goes to work” (Brant Hansen).

I think if Jesus had a Facebook, it would be for everyone who has ever been made to feel “less than” or “not good enough.” It would be for those the world has lied to about what brings true happiness.

It would be for those who don’t have value in the world’s eyes because they aren’t pretty enough or rich enough or clever enough or savvy enough.

But Jesus says to those very people, “You are enough, because I am enough, and if I am in You, then you have more than enough and you are more than enough.”

Jesus’ Facebook page would have the simple invitation: “Come to me and find rest, all of you who work to the point of exhaustion and beyond, who never know when to stop, who have listened to the voice of those who glorify busy-ness as next to godliness when Jesus honors those who will simply sit at His feet.

Jesus’ page wouldn’t have endorsements for political candidates or parties or platforms. He would say, “My kingdom is not of this world, and My ways are not Republican or Democrat ways, but the way that leads to life.”

Jesus’ page probably wouldn’t have many followers. He might have lots of likes, but I think that just as people misunderstood Him 2,000 years ago, they wouldn’t “get” Him today. The conservatives would probably think He was too liberal and the liberals would think He was too conservative.

But for those who “got” Him back then and now, it would be like life from the dead. Actually, it WOULD be (and it really is) life from the dead. It wouldn’t be bad people made better but dead people made alive, brand new, and transformed.

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