Yeah, I get it. The reason cookies don’t get all brown and soggy is because they’re probably loaded with all sorts of preservatives and ingredients that I can’t even begin to pronounce. But they sure do taste better than salads.

That said, I’m still doing fairly well on my quest to get down to around 155(ish) in weight. I seem to be eternally stuck on or around 170, but I hope the breakthrough will come soon.

The key for me isn’t perfection but progress. It’s making food decisions that are a little better than yesterday and not quitting when I mess up a bit. Still, I have a fondness for all things cookie. Especially the chocolate chip kind.

There’s nothing worse in my mind than thinking you have a chocolate chip cookie, only to bite into an oatmeal raisin cookie. That’s probably the main reason I have trust issues.

But I am still making progress. I haven’t quit yet.

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