Two Things To Remember

One day, I’m going to write a post and call it “Don’t Be a Face Mask Pharisee.” Basically, I see people judging the character of other people who can’t or won’t wear masks. When Jesus said, “Don’t judge, lest you be judged,” He was talking about making an assessment of someone else’s character or eternal destination without knowing their story or getting to know the person.

But I think this applies to so much more. I think that when you are alone, your thoughts can be scary. They can tell you things about your family, your friends, and yourself. If you let them, they will have you thinking that everyone else is out to get you. But feelings can be deceiving, especially when you’re tired or hungry or lonely or otherwise emotionally prone.

Also, it’s wise to be careful of your words around others. That means when you are actually with others physically or when you are interacting through social media. You never know someone else’s struggles or hardships. You never know how far they’ve come to this point.

Be kind to yourself when you’re alone and be kind to others when you’re around them. Remember that God’s truth trumps your feelings. Remember that other people bear the image of God and are loved by God just as much as you.

Don’t ever forget that if you’re going to compare sinners as to which one is the worst, you could very well look in the mirror because you know much more about your own sins than those of others. It took as much or more grace to save you as it takes to save anyone else.

That’s not to beat yourself up. That’s to remind you that the grace of God that you received is the same grace you need to give, even when it’s undeserved.

Oh, and be kind. That’s all.

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