Old School Wisdom

I sometimes wonder if we’ve got it all backwards. We’re all about planning worship services down to the last second. We get the most gifted and talented people (which are plentiful here in Middle Tennessee) both on the stage and behind the scenes.

I wonder if it has become more about production value than the presence of God. I wonder if in all our programmed and strategized-down-to-the-last- detail services we haven’t gone and left out the Holy Spirit.

I’ve been in worship services where the music was very amateur, the vocals were off-key, and the songs were old, but I remember God moving in that place. I don’t remember any of the songs or the sermon, but I know God was there.

Churches lately feel more like well-organized Fortune 500 businesses run by CEOs than the first-century fellowship of believers who weren’t co-workers but family. They turned the world upside down because they dreamed God-sized dreams way beyond their reach.

Maybe we need to quit planning so much and start praying more. Perhaps if we went into every service with the expectation of God now only showing up but filling up every square inch of the sanctuary and moving mightily in power, we might see the impossible becoming possible. We might just see revival.

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