Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day is when we remember and honor all the pets we’ve loved and lost throughout our lives. Each one was special, each one was loved, and each one took a little piece of our hearts when they left.

My Lucy was no exception. While I still miss her, the memories I have of her now are happy. The sadness has faded and the feeling I remember most is one of her unconditional love and loyalty for over 17 years.

I believe it is right and good to grieve the loss of a pet. It may seem silly or undignified to some, but to me it’s like losing family. Your pet was your constant companion and trusting friend who was loyal and faithful. My Lucy was a quiet presence who was with me at the end of the day. That’s what pets do best– they may not be your whole world, but you are theirs.

I hope you celebrate this day (or the day after if you read this later) by donating time and money at an animal shelter. I hope you will choose to rescue rather than adopt. I hope you will cherish the memory of your beloved pet by finding another not to take its place but to be an outlet for all the love you still have for your pet that has no where to go.

Most of all, I hope you choose to remember the joy more than the sadness, the good days more than the sad ones, especially that last sad one. I hope you know that you were blessed to know the love of an animal.

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