A Long Overdue Doctor Who Update

I just realized this evening that it’s been a while since the last update on my quest to watch all the Doctor who episodes for the second time. I know you all have been pining away for more information, so here it is.

I am up to Doctor #12, played by Peter Capaldi. His current companion is the lovely Clara, played by Jenna Coleman (who may or may not be my new top living celebrity crush).

It’s still quirky and very British. There are still weird looking aliens and otherworldly destinations. Of course, there’s still the Tardis, that time travel ship disguised as a 50’s era police box.

It still blows my mind that Doctor Who has been around for 56 years and remained hugely popular. Even during the “wilderness” years when it was off the air, it still had a multitude of loyal fans due to books and audio adventures and fan fests.

Hopefully, it will be around a while longer. Also hopefully, it won’t take as long for my next update. Sorry about that.

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