Hello, August

2020 has been a strange year. I had a moment when I was looking around Stein-Mart expecting to see 4th of July apparel when it dawned on me that we celebrated that holiday almost a whole month ago. Oops.

Hello, August. My brain keeps trying to tell me that it’s May or June, but the weather makes it feel like late September. But it really is August.

For me, that means that fall is getting closer. It also means that we here in Tennessee have another two full months of summer and sweating left.

I’m not a fan of the Sweating, but I’ll take it so that I don’t skip over any of the days that God gives me. Who knows what I might miss?

Also, I’m ready for this pandemic to be over. I don’t want anybody else to get sick. I don’t want anybody else to die. Yes, I will wear my mask when I’m out and about (even if it increases the sweatiness). Yes, I will keep praying for God to eradicate this virus.

All that to say once more: Hello, August. Please don’t be extra weird.

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