Something Original

For the first time in a little while, I decided to write something down that was completely original and without quoting anybody else. Since the last two posts were almost completely unoriginal, I thought it was about time.

I want to give you just one takeaway: you are enough.

You may not feel like it.

You may be feeling completely inadequate, like you’re failing at life. You may feel like you’ve permanently missed your calling in life and given up on any semblance of your dreams.

You are enough.

How do I know? God says so.

He says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. He says that you are engraved on the palms of His hands. He says that you were worth dying for.

Yes, you. You with the million and one unfinished goals and projects. You who are still afraid to break out of the life you hate and try something new. You who are living an unfulfilled and “safe” life but who yearn for something a little more dangerous that will make you come alive.

You are enough.

God’s not done with you. The fact that you woke up today is proof. The fact that you’re not okay with status quo and the same ol’ same ol’ means that you long to live out God’s dream for you instead of your own.

You are enough.

God has promised that He will complete the very work He started in you long ago, long before you or your father or your father’s father were conceived. He calls you His masterpiece, and He never leaves masterpieces unfinished.

So remember that no matter how you feel about yourself that God thinks you are very good. He thinks you are worth loving. He thinks you are enough.

You are enough.

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