Yet More Peanut Escapades

If you’ve ever brought home an animal after a beloved pet has passed away, you probably know that you can’t expect the second to be a carbon copy of the first. It’s not fair to expect the new dog or cat (or whatever other critter) to act just like the old one.

That said, I do like little Peanut. She’s got her own style. She’s very laid-back and chill, yet friendly and playful at the same time. I’m seeing more and more of her own unique style emerging as she gets older.

I don’t for a second regret picking a shelter animal over paying a premium at a breeder or pet store. There are lots of rescue animals that need love and will be eternally grateful if you bring them home.

Face it. Life’s better with a pet. Looking back, I’d do it all again with Lucy from day one. Even those last few days that were hard and sad. I hope I get to make as many memories with Peanut.

So today’s lesson is this: adopt, don’t shop. Now go and rescue and animal right this minute.

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