9 Years Ago

I started my little adventure with WordPress on this day 9 years ago. I admit that I can think of very few things I’ve done consistently for 9 years, aside from breathing and waking up and taking showers.

I’ve committed to writing something every day. It may not always be at the level of Shakespeare or Wordsworth, but for me, it’s the discipline of writing every single day. Some days, that means borrowing someone else’s words.

It’s been nice to know that other people read what I write. It can sometimes get discouraging when I see how few people read a particular post on a certain day, but then I remember that I’m doing this primarily for me. If the only person who sees these is me (and dear old Mom), then it’s worth it. The cathartic process of getting the words out of my head and onto some form of media is completely worth it.

Hopefully, God willing, I’ll keep doing this for at least another 9 years. And then some.

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