A Borrowed Post on a Saturday

“…can you just feel held for a moment? Wherever you are?
The God of invincible reliability, of infinite resources, of insistent love, says, “Give me everything you are carrying — because I want to carry you.” 
“Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you” Ps. 55:22
Thank You, Lord, for being the pillowed rest —
into which we can sink real deep & find a Peace that passes all understanding.

#SharingPrayer #GodsGotYou
art credit: Kelli Murray”

I post this one because 1) I can relate on many levels, 2) it will speak to many people, and 3) I’m too tired to think of anything original.

Seriously, I’ve found many times over how faithful God is to those who keep trusting in Him. He’s faithful even when you run out of faith. He’s faithful. Period.

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