Sunday Randoms

I had a great idea for a blog post. It was something I heard from the sermon this morning. At the time, I thought to myself, “I don’t need to write any of this down. I’ll remember it later, right?” Not so much.

Hence the random blog post about anything and everything and nothing.

First off, I sweated a lot today. You’d think it was summer or something. When I got home from church service and lunch and the library, my very festive Hawaiian shirt was soaked through with sweat. It was a hot, muggy day. But I did get a great shot of two deer, so it was well worth it.

As I type these words, my little Peanut is snoozing away on the bed. That’s rare. She hardly ever sleeps on my bed. At least not when I’m in my bed. Maybe she’s starting to come around to being more of a snuggly cat like Lucy used to be.

One takeaway from the sermon earlier is that Heaven will be multi-ethnic and multi-lingual and multi-racial. Actually, ethnicity and language and race won’t matter in Heaven. All that will matter in Heaven is Jesus. But what matters here in this life is making our churches more like Heaven will be.

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