A Peanut-y Kind of Weekend

It’s been a very Peanut-y kind of weekend.

By that, I mean I did a lot of nothing. I lounged and ate and lounged and ate some more. That’s pretty much Peanut’s life 24/7 (with the occasional nap and poop thrown in).

It’s good to do nothing sometimes. To not have an agenda or a to-do list and do nothing productive. My Saturday involved a Stranger Things binge, food, and a trip to Goodwill. It wasn’t super eventful or exciting, but it was restful. Sometimes you need that.

Everyone needs to have a cat or dog to fall asleep in their lap at least once in a while. You need the reminder that the world will go on spinning without you, that the universe won’t fall apart if you take a day off.

You and I both need to remember that we’re not in charge of running the world. That job position has already been filled and taken care of admirably. You might even say perfectly.

Let God be God and enjoy a Sabbath day of rest. That’s my advice for you today.

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