Man, I’m Tired

I’m tired, and it’s still only Monday. That’s bad.

I also woke up this morning with my health and all my fingers and toes intact. That’s good.

There’s always good and bad in everything. It all depends on you as to which one you will focus on the most.

If you dwell on the negative, you will probably find lots more to complain about because that’s what you will see.

If you dwell on the good, then you will find it more and more, because your eyes see what you set your mind on.

If you dwell on God and on things above, that’s the best. Nothing here below can get to you or get you down if you focus on what is eternal. You know everything else that’s bad will soon pass away, but the eternal, i.e. God and His kingdom, will remain forever.

Choose to set your mind on the good. Choose God and His kingdom first. Wait. Isn’t there a verse or something about that?

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