Hiking in the Rain

It was not my plan to get wet at Radnor Lake State Park. If you remember the old Grizzly River Rampage ride at Opryland USA, the slogan was “You WILL get wet.” Well, that wasn’t supposed to happen. Until it did.

My plan was to hike. Plain and simple. I wanted to walk my usual trifecta of trails– Ganier Ride, South Cove, and Lake Trail. Sure, it was a bit muggy, but this is just shy of summer in Tennessee. Humidity happens.

But then I heard thunder. It sounded far enough away that I thought I’d be okay. Then I felt the first drops of rain. Still not enough to deter me from my plan.

Honestly, for most of the hike, it was very calming to hear the rain in the trees. For the most part, I stayed dry underneath the canopy of leaves and branches.

Then I got wet. At some point, the rain broke through the trees and hit me.

But I’d do it again tomorrow. Some part of me needs to be in nature– breathe it in, feel it on my skin, let it overwhelm my senses. I get enough asphalt and pavement. I need some earth underneath my feet. Even with the rain.

And I barely melted at all.

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