A Mental Reboot

Sometimes, we all need a mental reboot. I know I do. It’s sorta like when your computer starts acting weird and you do the thing where you turn it off and back on again. At least that’s the technical name for it. Usually that fixes whatever’s wrong. If not, then you call the IT guy.

I think sometimes my thinking gets off. I start craving stuff. I start comparing my life with the people around me and getting envious of what they have that I don’t. Sometimes I get a bit of moral superiority when I feel like I’m doing better than someone else.

That’s when I need a reboot. I need to remember that truly the best things in life can’t be bought or sold. In fact, the best things aren’t usually even things.

They’re memories. They’re time spent with loved ones. They’re acts of kindness and compassion. The best gift of all in my life has been the free gift of salvation in Jesus and the daily grace He offers me.

Contentment comes when you quit comparing and start celebrating your life as the gift it is. When you swich from grumbling to gratitude. Saying thank you for all the tiny blessings.

I want that. God, help me remember what really matters and to not take any good gift for granted.

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