A Good Metaphor for Life

How dumb would it be to jump off a train because it went through a tunnel and your world got dark for a bit?

Most people know that there’s a light at the end of a train tunnel. Literally. They know if they only sit still for a bit, they will soon be back out into the open blue skies and fresh air.

Maybe if you could see the end to your own metaphorical dark tunnel, you might not be as anxious to bail on the Great Engineer. And by you, I mean all of us, including me at times.

The key to any suffering is knowing that it will end. I’ve found I can endure a lot more if I know for sure that it has an expiration date. Like for those who’s untenable job situation gets better when they turn in that two week notice.

Trust that God knows what He’s doing. Trust that all things like suffering, pain, loss, and evil have an expiration date and an end, but things like God’s mercy, love, and grace are unending.

This Engineer won’t steer you wrong. Ever.

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