Old Cowboy Boots and Busted Brackets

For anyone out there who wants to know, all my NCAA tournament brackets are now fodder for the shredder. ALL of them. In other words, all the teams I had pegged to win it all in each of my various brackets have lost.

Duke was the last to fall, making it official that I officially suck at picking winners at NCAA basketball. Next year, all my brackets may just be randomly selected by computers rather than by me.

But on the good news front, I picked up a pair of vintage Dan Post cowboy boots from Pre to Post Modern today. I wasn’t planning on buying any boots. In fact, boot buying wasn’t even a blip on my radar.

But I saw them. I remembered that my granddad had several pairs of Dan Posts back in the day. They were his favorite brand. So I broke down and made the purchase.

It’s nice to have something that ties you back to someone you loved like a grandparent or a parent. I can wear these and think of dear ol’ granddad.

Plus, they’re super comfortable and fit perfectly.

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