It’s Friday, Y’all

Yes, in case you missed it, it’s Friday.

For me, it was quite the week. I managed to get through one week of jury duty without actually having to go serve on a jury. I got through the end of the month madness at my job and survived to tell the tale.

I also had another stellar birthday (which means in my case that I was alive to see another birthday and have some fantastic friend and family to celebrate it with me).

The weather was weird as usual. From flash flood advisories to sunny spring-like weather back to dreary winter weather, we had it all. All that was missing was pumpkin spice and falling leaves to mark all four seasons.

Right now, I’m fantasizing about turning off the alarm and sleeping in tomorrow. That’s what us old people dream about — sleep. At least that’s what this old fogey dreams about.

Today marks another day that I’m thankful for amazing grace that I need just as much on sunny days as on those rainy days, just as much when I’m feeling great as when I feel worthless (as I’m sure all of you feel from time to time). In other words, I need grace all the time, more and more as I get older.

So that wraps up another Friday evening for me.

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