All Is Still Grace

As I type these words, I’m listening to Peanut, my new kitten, frolicking and playing nearby.

It still seems surreal that she’s even here. Part of me feels like my old cat Lucy should still be alive and snoring on the pillow next to mine. A small part of my heart went with her when she crossed that rainbow bridge and another small part still hurts whenever photos of her pop up on Timehop.

I’m grateful to have someone new to love. Peanut is helping my heart heal. Plus, she keeps me smiling with her sweet, endearing, klutzy ways.

At the end of the day, it’s all still grace. Anything good that happened today was all God, and even the not so good moments had grace all over them.

I think Peanut wants to add her two cents worth by the way she’s attacking my iPad and purring. She’s saying thanks for the new home and all the love. She likes her food and all the toys are neato keen (her words not mine).

God gifted me with another day filled with too many blessings to count, so I’m good. And all is still grace.

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