Disappointment with people

Head in Hands

I have to admit that sometimes I am disappointed in people in general. I feel like just about everyone I know (including me) has at one point let me down. I think I’m getting to know someone and build a camaraderie and then a wall goes up. People go absent and silent on me and I can’t get through to them. Then I had a discovery. The only times I am disappointed with people are the times they have become an idol in my life.

More specifically, my constant need for approval and attention becomes an idol. The problem is that my expectations of people are unrealistic. Only God can be 100% faithful and never waiver. People waiver because they are human and frail and fallible.

I know I have let people down many times. I have let myself down countless times. Unless I intentionally do something to break the cycle, I can become very bitter and cynical and withdrawn.

Jesus, You know what is in the hearts of people and You still love them unconditionally. Help me to see others the way You do. I can’t love at all, much less unconditionally, apart from Your love in me.

If no one reads this post, will I be embittered and disappointed? Apart from the grace of God, yes. It’s very hard to not put your trust in people who you can see and then place that trust in a God you can’t see. That’s why it’s called faith.

As always, I believe. Lord, help my unbelief.

One thought on “Disappointment with people

  1. I am so glad you are posting these blogs. You may not always get a response, but that does not mean there is not one. Sometimes what you say, especially what YOU say, can be so hard-hitting and truthful that all we can do is read it and nod our heads in agreement, knowing how right you are yet how tough it is to put this stuff into action. Do not give up on this effort for lack of comments; I know there must be people out there who click the link, read the blog, and are incapable of coming up with something decent to say in response to it. That doesn’t mean lives aren’t being changed though. Sometimes what you say is exactly what someone needs to hear, so keep that in mind.

    Regarding the topic of this post, I agree with you wholeheartedly. It’s extremely difficult to put our faith in someone we can’t see when it would be so much easier to trust those around us, but putting our faith in others is doomed to failure (if not the first time, it will happen eventually). This is what Pastor Glenn talks about all the time when he says, “that just proves the Fall.” Don’t let that deter you – “be strong and courageous,” as God tells us over and over again in the Bible, and your efforts will eventually be worth the trouble.

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