Another Short Prayer

I ran across another beautiful short prayer that you can use when you don’t have words of your own. Or even if you do, sometimes you just don’t know how to calm your mind and collecting your thoughts is like herding cats.

I remember we called short petitions and praises “popcorn prayers.” I don’t exactly remember why, but I think it’s because they’re short and basically pop out of your mouth. Basically, they’re one-sentence offerings to God when you don’t have the time or energy for more.

Here’s one that might come in handy sometime:

“More purity give me;
More strength to over-come;
More freedom from earth-stains;
More longings for home;
More fit for the kingdom;
More used would I be;
More blessed and holy;
More, Saviour, like Thee” (Phillip P. Bliss).

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