The Judge Takes the Judgment

I love that. These days, any idea of God and judgment isn’t well received. Most people seem to view God as a benign deity who winks at our sin and never gets angry about anything. But the Bible presents a God of both love and wrath who hates sin. The beautiful part is that while God is the Judge, He took the brunt of the punishment — His own judgment on sin — on Himself in the person of Jesus on the cross. In other words, He who knew no sin became sin for us so that we might become the righteousness of God, as Scripture says.

Yes, sin has consequences. Yes, sin leads to death and hell. But thanks be to God who in Jesus took the worst of the punishment for sin upon Himself and made a way that we might instead partake of eternal life and heaven. The only prerequisite is to receive that free gift of salvation through Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Thanks be to God!

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