Bigger than Our Whole World

This comes from The Last Battle, the concluding book in the Chronicles of Narnia. In this book, we find that the door to the stable is a gateway to another world, a sort of new Narnia. But the reference is one every believer should get — the Creator of the universe born as a helpless infant.

Just as that infant contained within the stable was (and is) bigger than our whole world, so is Christmas bigger than one day. That’s helpful to remember during the post-Christmas Day letdown that inevitably occurs leading into January.

But the spirit of Christmas remains. The infant whose birth we celebrate on this day doesn’t live in our hearts one day of the year, but all the days of all the years (to paraphrase a line from the movie A Christmas Carol).

God is bigger than Christmas, especially the commercial spectacle we’ve turned it into. God is bigger than one day out of a calendar year. God is so much bigger than most of us have made Him out to be, which is really just a slightly stronger version of ourselves. God is the only hope the world ever had, vastly superior to any other, completely other than any of us, and of course much, much bigger than the universe and everything in it.

Am I saying you should watch Christmas movies all year round and keep your decorations up in July? Maybe. I am saying that that hopeful feeling you get with Christmas shouldn’t die out on December 26. It should live on just as the infant who was the Word made flesh lives on and lives to intercede for those He loves.

So merry Christmas 365 days out of the year, 24/7, May it always be focused on Jesus and may it always be joyful.

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