First Snow

“O Christ, King of Snow,
we bless you for bidding this blanket
of white to cover us in holy hush,
that our hearts might be quieted
at the sight, that we might sense
the emptiness of canvas
over which your Spirit broods,
and upon which you would
and recreate
our hearts in the image of the one
whose word first spoke snow into existence.

Amen” (Douglas McKelvy, Every Moment Holy).

“He gives snow like wool; he scatters frost like ashes” (Ps 147:16).

The Bible says in Isaiah that though your sins be like scarlet, they shall be white as snow. I never appreciate the beauty of that until I see actual fallen snow and realize that snow covers everything.

Snow almost feels like a new beginning, a blank canvas. It almost feels sacrilegious to walk over the snow and mar it with footprints. To see the world covered in white never fails to bring out the childhood awe in me.

But God says in the same way, your heart can become a blank canvas again for God to write His love story on. The Apostle Paul calls us living letters that everyone will read, more so than any leather bound Bibles. Together as believers, we show the watching world what God looks like.

You and I can know the promise of having our sins, mistakes, failures, and fiascos washed white as snow. God’s story is not about us being better or stronger or faster or smarter, but being made alive and made new. And it starts with the manger at Christmas and ends with the cross and the empty tomb on Easter.

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