Planting Seeds

I heard once that the average person will hear the gospel seven times before they give their lives to Christ. At first, that might seem disheartening if you aren’t that fortunate seventh person. But remember that you are planting a seed. Regardless of what outwardly transpires, God’s word does not return void. When we are faithful to have gospel conversations, a tiny seed is planted. Always.

When you pray for a person’s salvation, it may seem pointless. You pray day after day and absolutely nothing seems to change. You can tell no difference. But that tiny seed has been planted.

Just as you can’t dig up the earth to see an actual seed growing without destroying the seed, so you can’t force that proverbial seed of faith to germinate. You have to trust the process. You have to trust God’s process. You have to trust that it’s not up to you to save anyone. Only God can do that.

You just have to be faithful to do your part. God will take care of the rest.

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