What God Is Looking For

I think this came from Max Lucado. If I’m not mistaken, it’s from his book When God Whispers Your Name, which I highly recommend.

I sometimes wonder how much we want to know God. How much we want to follow Jesus. Is it enough for us to allow ourselves to be inconvenienced? It it enough for us to give up creature comforts? Is it enough to cause us to say no to other things — possibly even good things — to make room to hear from God?

I read earlier this week that maybe we shouldn’t complain about not hearing from God when are Bibles are closed. Maybe we shouldn’t wonder that we barely know Jesus if we barely make an effort to get to know Him. And by we, I mean me.

The good news is that God in Jesus wants us to know Him. He knows every single thing about us — even those ugly secrets that we don’t ever tell anyone — and still He wants a relationship with us. Still He reveals Himself if we’re paying attention. Still He chooses us.

Maybe it’s time to start cutting some holes in some roofs and climbing some trees and jumping out of some boats to get to Jesus. Maybe it’s time to open that Bible again.

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