Being Sick as a Kid

I can’t tell you how this picture perfectly describes what it was like for me as an elementary-aged kid back in the day when I was sick. I never wanted to be sick, but I didn’t hate having a sick day, as long as I didn’t feel too awful.

I had Bob Barker and The Price is Right. I had Three Stooges short films. I had a comfy couch and a sleeping bag where I could convalesce in relative peace. Throw in some saltine crackers and some ginger ale, and I was a happy kid. But not too happy, otherwise Mom would have sent me back to school sooner. I had to play up the feeling bad part so I could milk my illness for all it was worth.

These days, being sick is no fun. You just feel bad without any of the perks. In fact, being an adult has been an overrated experience in my opinion. So many of us are in such a hurry to be grown up, only to spend a lot of time as adults wishing we could be kids again. Oh, the irony.

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