Love that Lasts

The author of this quote, Brennan Manning, passed away over 9 years ago. His words, especially these, live on and will last long after we’re dead and buried.

Do you believe that God’s love is really eternal? Do you believe that there is nothing you can do to make God love you more and nothing you can do to make Him love you less? Do you believe that you can’t earn it or deserve it but only receive it?

I really deep in my heart know for a fact that if we truly comprehended God’s love for us, we’d be far more radical with our gospel conversations and evangelical love for those outside the faith. We’d never shut up about the love of God if we really got it deep in the core of our being. Also, our brains would probably explode since that kind of love is far beyond our comprehending.

The beauty of God’s love is that we don’t have to fully understand it to take hold of it. We don’t have to know everything about it to receive it. We don’t have to be able to fully explain it to share it.

The more we’re faithful to obey, the more we of this love we will know and understand. The more we share this love, the more room we have in our hearts to receive more of it. And it will never get old or go out of style or become irrelevant or end. Ever.

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