Rich Mullins: 25 Years Later

“I see the morning moving over the hills 
I can see the shadows on the western side 
And all those illusions that I had 
They just vanish in Your light 
Though the chill in the night still hangs in the air 
I can feel the warmth of morning on my face 
Though the storm had tossed me 
‘Til I thought I’d nearly lost my way 

And now the night is fading and the storm is past 
And everything that could be shaken was shaken 
And all that remains is all I ever really had 

What I’d have settled for 
You’ve blown so far away 
What You brought me to 
I thought I could not reach 
And I came so close to giving up 
But You never did give up on me 
I see the morning moving over the hills 
I feel the rush of life here where the darkness broke 
And I am in You and You’re in me 
Here where the winds of Heaven blow 

And now the night is fading 
And the storm is through 
And everything You sent to shake me 
From my dreams they come to wake me 
In the love I find in You 
And now the morning comes 
And everything that really matters 
Become the wings You send to gather me 
To my home 
To my home 
I’m going home” (Craig Michael Wiseman / Tony Carl Mullins).

It absolutely blows my mind that it’s been 25 years since Rich Mullins passed so tragically. It also makes me feel incredibly old, but that’s another post for another night.

I can think of few other musical artists who have moved me and spoken to the core of my being the way Rich did. There was something confessional about his songwriting that put my own thoughts and feelings into words better than I ever could.

I was privileged to see him in concert the one time. I’ll never forget how the last song in the set was all about how God is leading us and guiding us and as he walked away, we were singing the refrain “And everywhere I go, I see you.” It was definitely a kairos event, a unique moment in time.

I get a bit sad when I think of all he could have said and done and written if he had lived longer, but the legacy he left is still touching and transforming people’s lives a quarter of a century later.

It’s amazing to me how he wrote almost prophetically about his own passing in one of his songs called Elijah:

“But when I leave I want to go out like Elijah 
With a whirlwind to fuel my chariot of fire 
And when I look back on the stars 
It’ll be like a candlelight in Central Park 
And it won’t break my heart to say goodbye” (Richard Mullins).

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