Don’t Worry

I love what Craig Groeshel said about anxiety not being a sin but a signal to pray. It’s the spiritual equivalent of the check engine light coming on in your car, letting you know that everything is not alright with your vehicle and that something needs attention.

I do think that the culture we live in thrives on anxiety. I mean that the end goal of news media outlets and social media and advertising is to keep you in a perpetual state of fear and worry about what you’re missing out on or how the world’s about to come to an end or how you will never be fulfilled unless you drink this cola or wear these shoes or buy this luxury SUV.

But you do have a choices as to what you do with the anxiety. You can start by turning off the source. That means fasting from media, turning off the television, choosing to immerse yourself in God’s Word rather than Netflix or Amazon Prime.

You can pray. God doesn’t need reminding of how much anxiety you have, but you need reminding that God already knows. You need reminding that nothing you’re facing will catch God off guard or take Him by surprise. There’s nothing in your world that He can’t handle, that He hasn’t already overcome through the cross.

Don’t worry. Just pray.

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